Casa De Mi Alma is a startup wellness center designed to help clients in Las Cruces, New Mexico, achieve ultimate balance in their lives through counseling, fitness, and nutrition. We believe balance is attained by treating the behavioral, physical, and nutritional health of our clients. We believe addressing the connection of mind-body-spirit, otherwise known as holistic treatment, is the best way to achieve ultimate balance.

Management Team

Casa De Mi Alma is owned and operated by Alma Salazar who also serves as president of the center. Ms. Salazar holds a Master’s of Social Science Administration from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.  She has over 13 years of social work experience with clients in child protective services, the military, adoptions, juvenile probation, and in various treatment model practices. She also has experience being an advanced caseworker serving as a resource to other workers, program coordinator, supervisor of four home-based programs, and manager of private practice with an emphasis on holistic health. As a program coordinator, supervisor, and manager of private practice, Ms. Salazar has gained practice maintaining financial budgets.

Ms. Salazar is a licensed independent social worker and a certified personal trainer, with an additional certification in sports nutrition that will be completed in November 2013, giving her the knowledge required to provide well-rounded services for Casa De Mi Alma clientèle.

Vice president and executive chef of Casa De Mi Alma is Felipe Alvarez. Mr. Alvarez is a graduate of California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, California, and holds a Master’s of Curriculum and Instruction from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico. He has worked in various hospitals, restaurants, resorts, and educational settings as a chef and as an instructor of food science.  He also owned his own café, giving him experience in preparing food, scheduling employees, securing inventory, and managing cash flow. To add to his culinary repertoire, he also has experience as a personal chef and caterer.

Mr. Alvarez recently obtained certification as a personal trainer and is expected to obtain an additional certification in sports nutrition in November 2013, expanding his unique perspective on the nutritional needs of Casa De Mi Alma clientèle.

Ms. Salazar and Mr. Alvarez have acquired the necessary knowledge in their respective fields to provide the services that will lead to significant changes in the lives of their clients from the moment Casa De Mi Alma opens its doors. Their combined experience in managing resources strengthens the success of Casa De Mi Alma.